Sustain your dominance by expanding into new markets

Becoming industry leaders in a digital world takes time and commitment. The colossal footprint commits three times more content and engagement resources to your web presence than our entry level package, the tiny footprint. On top of that, your company receives twice the leading premium content by upgrading from the large footprint.

We work as a partner to understand your business opportunities and challenges. Based on our initial “discovery” process, your dedicated client success team develops a digital marketing strategy and 12-month digital marketing plan to meet your objectives.

What’s Included

On a monthly basis, campaigns are reviewed for effectiveness and tactics adjusted according to need.

  • Campaign success review and planning
  • Bi-weekly consultative campaign management calls
  • Keyword optimized editorial content calendar
  • Six fully optimized blog posts per month
  • Creation of 2-3 landing pages per quarter
  • Creation of two pieces of premium content per quarter
  • SEO: On-page, off-page, backlinking
  • gSHIFT analytics and keyword dashboard
  • Lead generation tracking
  • Keyword tracking and analysis
  • Web presence management
  • Monthly reporting
  • Quarterly review