Digital Advertising

Problem we are solving

Not sure where to put your digital advertising dollars? Digital Giants helps you target and retarget your specific audience with effective digital advertising campaigns that we track and tweak in real time.

How we do it

Even a small digital advertising buy can move your business higher in search engine results, getting you in front of more customers. Digital Giants will design, launch, maintain and optimize your campaign giving each one of your ad bucks more bang.

Landing Page Design

Digital Giants can build customized high converting landing pages for your next campaign.

Campaign management

Google Adwords

Our experienced team can help select the right keywords for your campaign based on volume,, competitive level, budget and potential to drive the most leads. Are you a not for profit? We can get you $10,000 of Google Adwords advertising for free. Contact us to find out how.


Showing ads to people who have already visited your site is the basis of remarkeitng. The goal is to drive the user back to your website to complete a conversion. By showing the user compelling ads, we help lure those users who showed initial interest back to the website.


We take the time to understand what results you want and recommend a campaign objective from there, from brand awareness to conversion and utilize Facebook’s latest tools to target niche audiences.


We take the time to understand the results you want and recommend a campaign objective, maybe brand awareness, maybe conversion. Then we use Twitter’s latest tools to target niche audiences.


We use this platform to reach industry or job title specific targeting. Use their InMail plaform for your advertising message to be delivered directly to your target audiences LinkedIn inbox.


The up and coming advertising platform is still new to many. Let us show you how Pinterest can help.


We will provide you with extensive reporting, and analysis to ensure you understand where your best leads came from and what your cost per result was.

Google UTM

Not sure what social media platform drove the most conversions in your latest campaign? We can help, using Google UTMs we can build custom URLs and add unique campaign parameters to better understand the conversion paths for all of your external and on­-site content.

Let us show you

what digital advertising can do for your business

Social Media Marketing

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Social Media Marketing

Watch your brand cut through and connect with our strategy for leveraging each social channel’s unique opportunities.

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Measurement & Analytics

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Measurement & Analytics

Data don’t lie. Our numbers and analysis let you make better decisions to maximize results.

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Influencer Marketing

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Influencer Marketing

Who do your target customers trust? We’ll find them and enlist their help in spreading your message.

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