Local SEO Services

What is Local SEO?

Local Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the optimization of your website and online properties (such as Google My Business) so that you can be found in a local search.

One of the most beneficial SEO disciplines for a small business. Local SEO improves the chance of being found online by local consumers and generating traffic has a direct impact on an organizations’ bottom line.

What Do We Do?

Digital Giants will help you set up and optimize all of your local properties, which increases your local online presence; think of it as a larger sign on the local digital landscape. More of your target audience will see you and traffic to your location increases. 

Google My Business 

The most important part of your online local presence is Google My Business. Digital Giants will help you set this up, then optimize and leverage it to help your audience find you in a Google search and on Google Maps.

Local Citation Building

Citations are mentions of your business’ name, address and/or phone number. Google provides them, but so does Apple Maps, FourSquare, Bing, Facebook, Yahoo and Yelp. Think of them as digital signposts as potential customers search your community. 

It is critically important to build citations locally and ensure the listings on all are up-to-date and consistent. If your citations are not consistent, it becomes confusing for your users and search engines. If this happens, you will drop in the rankings.

Update Review Sites 

Before they buy, people read reviews. Digital Giants goes where your customers go to have their say about you or read what others have to say. Customers giving reviews also provide fresh content. Google, therefore, gobbles this up, so that when someone searches “best local …”, Google presents the options, which are ranked. The better your reviews, the more clicks you will receive – and boosts your Google ranking. 

We update the information these review sites need. Ensuring your business listings are up-to-date and correct is essential not only for your local presence but also for helping bring users to your location.  We also track what the reviews are saying and recommend ways to respond constructively to negative feedback, as well as enhance the positive reviews.

On-page Local SEO

Digital Giants ensures your website is optimized to rank high in your local market. Using a variety of search tactics and best practices, we optimize the pages on your website to ensure your audience and the search engines will be able to find you. This drives traffic to your door.

Interested in improving your local search performance?

Digital Giants can provide you with a free audit of your local search performance. You can get your free audit by simply filling out the form below. 

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