How to Implement Google Plus into Your B2B Marketing Strategy

This post has been contributed by Megan Ritter, an online journalist and business enthusiast.

Today, there’s more to marketing than just traditional advertising and sales — it’s about reaching out to people and businesses online, creating brand recognition and driving engagement. Thanks to social media, the modern B2B enterprise has been forced to become more social, and that’s not necessarily a bad thing. After all, showing the human side of your business is usually an effective way to keep the customer coming back for more. Unfortunately, when it comes to creating meaningful relationships through social networking, sometimes it can be a little difficult to make the magic happen. Some social networks just aren’t made for businesses, and it shows in how people respond to them. Other networks are perfect for this purpose, but they are limited in their reach.

A Social Network Built for Business

What if I told you that the one of the most popular social networks in the world was perfect for B2B marketing? Believe it or not, that network is Google+. Although many had written the social site off as a waste of time, it turns out that Google’s service might just be the perfect place for business communications. In fact, a recent report found that users of Google+ had more positive interactions with brands than on Facebook, and fewer negative interactions than on Twitter.

Why is Google+ right for business and brands?

Quite simply, Google+ offers more than any other social site out there. When it comes to communicating, Google+ offers you full video chat capabilities directly within your browser, meaning you don’t even have to download another program. If you’re looking to collaborate with others, Google’s Cloud services also allow you to work on projects simultaneously with multiple people, from nearly any device. These features are all made possible simply by becoming a member of their network.

If you have yet to make Google Plus a part of your B2B marketing strategy, perhaps it’s time to do so. Whether you’ve created a profile on the social media site or not, this handy guide will show you how to create a home for your business communications on Google+. It’s time to start taking advantage of everything this social network has to offer B2B businesses. Make Google+ a part of your game plan with the help of this infographic, or check out this blog post for more social media tips for businesses.

Use this how-to guide to get started using Google+ for business.

About Guest Blogger: Megan Ritter

Megan Ritter is an online journalist and business enthusiast. As an entrepreneur, her writing covers everything from start-up tips for success, to the importance of scalability and the impact of globalization. Follow her on Twitter or Google+ to see more of her writing and tips.